"Thank you sooooo much for the amazing photos, you have no idea how over the moon I am with them. We love them, they're just so natural and you have caught Sophia's many faces perfectly 😍
And there's nothing we would have asked you to do differently. It was just so nice that we could just do our own thing and you would do your thing. Just telling it like it is ❤️ and to me, the fact that Sophia couldn't stop looking at you means she felt comfortable too." 

- Vicki

"We are beyond thrilled with how incredible our pictures came out! You captured each and every second of our events with so much elegance and detail! We were looking at the pictures on the weekend and i could actually recall every emotion behind the pictures, especially the laughter during our customs. I was actually shocked as to how you got some of the little moments, such as high fives between me and my sister to my brothers watching me walk in. Also, I actually had to take a reality check on my skin from the wedding! Your editing is not over dramatic but just enhanced all our looks so well! I cannot recommend or thank you enough for making sure we will never forget our big day!."

- Iram

"What a lovely guy! Enthusiastic/ professional / considerate and friendly photographer, could not recommend more."

- Emily

I just wanted to thank you for the photos! Honestly, they’re soooo wonderful and exceeded all my expectations! Thank you for being a special part of our day, I look forward to seeing you soon inshallah." 
- Saffiya